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Christmas Tree Tour

https://chapplechandler.com/christmas-home-tour-2020/Welcome to my Christmas Tree Tour! I will be showing you all of the trees in my home, plus I am joining a few talented ladies to show you theirs! I will have them linked at the end of my post so make sure to check them out too!

I hope you have been following along on Instagram to see me revealing my home all dressed for the holidays! But just in case I wanted to give you another look at all of my trees and talk you through my vision and sources as well.

If you missed it, I wrote a short blog post to give you step by step directions on how to decorate your tree. Link below. I also posted a video on Instagram showing you these steps. Use both of these to get a full, decorated tree like mine!

First up is my office tree, also know as the Pink tree!

This babe was not in my original plans, but I am so glad I added her in! It is my most "decorated" tree with lots of sparkle, ribbons, picks and ornaments. It feels full, chic, pretty and I love her! The office is the most masculine room in the house with lots of beige, golds and neutrals so the pink contrasted so beautifully!

If you want to recreate the same look here are sources:

The Blue Tree

The living room is my blue and white wonderland with accents of gold. This fits in so well with my everyday decor and is such a different Christmas palette than I am used to but I love it! This tree is not as decorated as the office tree, I left off ribbon. I wanted tons of beautiful ornaments to be the star of the show. There are so many beautiful ones from all over and together they create a beautiful story.

Here are sources to create your own Blue, White and Gold tree:

The green trees

The dining room has 2 beautiful flocked trees that are dressed in green, silver and champagne. My plan for this room was to feel retro, traditional, formal and very festive. They are the least decorated as a nod to how trees used to be decorated and have no ribbons or picks. I used tinsel as a fun way to add texture and bring that 60's traditional feel! I love the symmetry and the glow they give off. It truly makes every meal feel so special!

Here are the sources to recreate this look:

Last but not least, the Hydrangea Tree

This tree has been in the making since july. I decided then I would dry out as many Hydrangeas as I could to save for a Christmas tree. It was so worth it! I picked a smaller 4 foot tree so that we could leave it on at night without it being too bright. It is so fun to fall asleep to and truly makes the room feel jolly!

Here are some sources to recreate this look:

I hope you enjoyed my little Christmas Tree Tour! I know you want to see more amazing trees, so check out my friend's below for more inspo! Links are below:

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Thanks for reading!


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